Mason Hack Camp 2018

Learn about web development,
robotics, and more!

July 9th to 13th, 2018

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What Is Hack Camp?

Hack Camp is a fun and interactive experience for aspiring programmers, from incoming 6th to incoming 9th graders! You'll learn new and exciting coding skills during the camp, increase your knowledge of web development, and bring home a unique personal website.

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Who Runs Hack Camp?

Hack Camp is organized by Mason Hack Club, a student-run programming club at Mason High School. These high-school students have organized numerous events, such as Hack Camp 2017 and CincyHacks. Hack Camp 2018 will be run in partnership with Cengage Learning, a company rooted in education technology. They will be hosting Hack Camp at their Mason office and will be providing volunteers! Hack Camp 2018 is a Mason City Schools sponsored event.

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What Happens at Hack Camp?

We'll be taking you through a course where you learn to create your very own website. After that, you'll have the opportunity to split into groups and design a website to market a product! We'll be including fun, non-coding activities to keep you moving.

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Why Should I Come?

Hack Camp's organizers are truly passionate about STEM education. Our goal as leads is to expose students to as much computer science as possible. We also see results. Out of the Hack Camp 2017 students surveyed:

  • 96% would recommend Hack Camp to others
  • 96% will continue web development and computer programming on their own because of Hack Camp
  • 100% are planning on taking CS courses in high school, if offered

If you have any questions about our dedication to our students, feel free to contact us.

Hack Camp FAQs

Who Can Come?

Hack Camp 2018 is for students of Mason City Schools! Specifically, we're looking for incoming 6th graders to incoming 9th graders. If you don't meet the requirements, but are still interested, feel free to email us at and we'll see if there's a spot for you!

Do I Need to Know How to Code?

No! We know that coding can be a broad subject, and some people may be hesitant to jump in. However, Hack Camp's goal is to introduce and explain programming in an easy-to-understand way! That means that you don't need to bring any programming experience to the table—just a willingness to learn! For those of you who attended Hack Camp 2017, or for those who have dabbled in programming, we also have an advanced track.

What Should I Bring?

The only thing you need is a laptop & charger. Your school-issued Chromebooks will work great. If you don't have a laptop available, please contact us: we have a limited number of rentable laptops for a small fee.

How Much is Hack Camp?

Hack Camp 2018 will be $150. We will provide snacks and drinks to you during breaks. We also have an awesome swag bag for you, including a t-shirt, water bottle, and cool laptop stickers!


Registration for Hack Camp 2018 is $150. Please register using the forms below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Both the beginner and advanced sessions will be held at Cengage Learning's Mason office, located at 5191 Natorp Blvd, Mason, OH 45040.

Due to popular demand, we're adding two timeslots!

While registering, simply choose if you want the morning (9:00am-12:30pm) or afternoon (1:30pm-5:00pm) time. The curriculum will not vary between timeslots—we still have both beginner and advanced sessions.

Beginner Session

Our beginner session is perfect for coders of any skill level. We'll be teaching the basics of web development. HTML, CSS, JavaScript: the building blocks of the internet. At the end of the camp, you'll have a live personal website that you can take home with you!

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Advanced Session

Our advanced session is great for any of the returning campers. We'll build off of our basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and explore upcoming technologies, such as React and other advanced Javascript technologies!

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Meet the Leaders

Dalton Craven Image

Dalton Craven

Dalton is the Finance Director & Webmaster for Mason Hack Club and the Webmaster for Mason ACM. He's been programming for two years now and has had two internships, one with the City of Mason's IT Department and one with Various Views. Outside of school he likes reading and working on his car, a 1963 Mercury Comet.

Megan Cui Image

Megan Cui

Megan Cui is a co-founder and the Executive Director of Mason Hack Club. She placed third at the RevolutionUC hackathon in 2017 and won "Best High School Hack" the year before. When she isn't coding or participating in outreach programs, she does many other activities like public forum debate, flute, and rec volleyball.

Annie Wang Image

Annie Wang

Annie is a co-founder and outreach director of Mason Hack Club. She’s passionate about spreading interest in STEM in the community and teaching kids how to code. She’s programmed with many languages, and she’s always ready to learn more. When she’s not coding, you can find Annie napping, building robots, or dining at Ikea.

Will Mechler Image

Will Mechler

Will has a deep passion for computer science and web development. He's is always willing to help someone out with a project, answer a question or help to share his love for computer science.

Mark Senne Image

Mark Senne

A young programmer passionate about technology, Mark is always looking for opportunities and various ways to grow.

Arnav Ghule Image

Arnav Ghule

Arnav Ghule is a dedicated programmer with a passion for web design and back end development. Bringing with him his positive attitude, anything is possible. Arnav is also a massive nerd.